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ABA Commission Begins Study of Future of Legal Services

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The American Bar Association has convened a Commission on the Future of Legal Services to study ways in which innovation and new regulatory models can help meet the public’s needs for legal assistance.

Responsive Law has submitted the first in what it expects will be a series of comments to this commission. We told the commission that one of the main things the legal profession needs to do is to roll back many of the regulations that it has imposed to maintain the lawyer cartel over legal services. Restrictions on who may provide legal services are one of the largest obstacles to wider access to legal help. A lack of innovation in the business model of law is another obstacle. The latter is caused by regulations banning outside investment in law firms, which could allow them to serve everyday legal needs the way that H&R Block serves everyday tax filing needs.

You can read our comments to the commission here. As the commission continues its work, we'll be continuing to make sure it hears the voice of legal consumers, so stay tuned for further developments.

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