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Delaware Governor Supports Loosening Licensing Regulations

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Delaware Governor Jack Markell recently wrote an opinion article urging states to remove many of their professional licensing requirements. License requirements often do more to protect existing service providers than they do to protect consumers. These requirements also leave consumers with fewer options and, therefore, higher prices when seeking services. Gov. Markell specifically discusses how requiring someone assisting an evictee in landlord-tenant court to have a law degree leaves many tenants without any assistance. Gov. Markell formed a committee to “review existing licensing regulations and and recommend ways to eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry.”

Responsive Law agrees with the reforms that Gov. Markell has initiated conversation about and hopes that he is successful in implementing them. Responsive Law believes that these reforms could have significant advantages for consumers and their access to legal help. Such reforms could assist non-lawyer legal service providers (LSPs) in supplying expertise to consumers who need legal help. Consumers could more easily and affordably receive services such as simple wills and uncontested divorces, which can be competently provided by trained non-lawyers.

Responsive Law looks forward to providing the committee with its input about reforming licensing regulations.

Morgan Newell is a Responsive Law intern

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