Currently, California is one of the many states in this country that has issues providing access to adequate and affordable legal services. Legal document assistants, or “LDAs”, assist self-representing parties in preparing legal documents. They help to reduce the issue of expensive or inaccessible legal representation, as they can act to provide limited legal assistance to parties that either do not need to hire an attorney or cannot afford to do so.

The problem remains, however, that LDAs are encumbered by regulations that burden their work: specifically, LDAs must register in each separate county they provide services in. The process of registering in each county becomes expensive, and the consumer ultimately winds up subsidizing the incurred costs. This regulation is also problematic in that it deters LDAs from offering their services in multiple counties, which restricts consumers’ access to this service. Moreover, these regulations are purposeless; they do not serve to protect the consumer.

Responsive Law’s recently submitted testimony in support of California Assembly Bill 285, which would eliminate this burden, thus facilitating greater consumer choice among LDAs. The provision of AB 285 that will be most helpful to consumers provides for statewide—as opposed to county-by-county—registration for LDAs. Not only would AB 285 eliminate this costly and time-consuming limitation on LDAs, but it would also enable them to branch out and provide services throughout the state. In short, AB 285 would benefit the consumer in the long term by allowing greater access to a legitimate, cost-effective legal service.

On May 26th, AB 285 passed the California Assembly and is awaiting consideration by the Senate.

Emily Iannucci is a Responsive Law intern.

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